3 weeks free of cigs today!

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    Jun 7, 2018
    Hi everyone,

    I got a lot out of reading others' success stories of how they quit cigarettes with vaping, such as threads like these, so I thought I'd share my story too. Hopefully it can inspire and maybe help others to quit too.

    I started smoking in the late 1980's when I was in my early 20's, and they just "did it for me". I smoked anywhere from 1 to 2 packs a day for around 29 years, and I was as hooked as anyone, I guess. I tried many times to quit smoking, using everything from patches and gum, to hypnotherapy, books, etc. Nothing did enough to keep me off the cigs, and I'd always cave back in under the weight of cravings or suffering.

    I was diagnosed with a mental health condition around the time I started smoking, and for whatever reason, smoking did a lot for me. It helped me focus, concentrate, it eased anxiety and depression. For the longest time I had felt that I would never be able to quit smoking, and that I would be destined to spend a fortune killing myself slowly. Oh well.

    I was cleaning my apartment up the other day and I noticed that I had a ton of notes on quitting smoking, such things as triggers and strategies. So I guess you could say that leading up to my switch to vaping, I was getting prepared and doing the legwork to help quit smoking.

    Anyway, I started researching vaping a few months ago. I'd known about vaping for many years, but I guess I was put off trying vaping for a few reasons, including the bad press it has gotten, the grey-area legalities of vaping in Australia, and also because I thought it would be a lot like those nicotine inhalers, and I already knew that all those NRT products had never worked for me before. I had mistakenly lumped vaping into the same group as NRT.

    I was at least in part inspired by stories of people who had successfully quit by vaping - in fact, many people were raving about vaping, saying things like "vaping worked, whereas nothing else did". So, inspired, I started reading up on vaping for a month or two - the legal issues, what device to use, PG, VG, nicotine strengths, coils, e-liquid vendors, tips on switching from smokes to vaping - and then I was ready: I had a plan.

    On the recommendations of others in forums online, I ordered an Innokin Endura T22, some spare coils, and a lot of e-juice from Mixology vapes in NZ.

    My original plan was to start by cutting my smoking down by half, and vaping to make up for the difference. So as I smoked roughly 1 cig an hour, the goal was to smoke 1 every 2 hours. Then the next week, I would cut down further, and so on, until I no longer smoked.

    My Endura T22 and juice all arrived on the same day - Thursday May 17th (3 weeks ago today). I had already had 4 smokes when the gear arrived. So I excitedly put the tank on the Mod, added some juice, and had a cig while I waited for the juice to soak the coil a bit. But here is the fun part: I ended up vaping all day and not having another cigarette that day, so I thought "why not just keep on going with the vaping?". Friday morning was a bit rough. Felt crappy and my throat was raw. I have since learned to keep my water intake up, lol.

    By and large my first 2 days with vaping and not smoking were easy, and I think this helped. If the first few days of vaping were rough, then I may not have had success at quitting. And it is funny, in a way I tricked myself into quitting by planning to just cut down, but then finding that vaping was doing enough to keep me from wanting a cigarette.

    So it has been 3 weeks since I had my last smoke, and I am very confident that I can remain smoke-free. For newbies (like me) it helps having a good vaping device, it definitely helps make vaping satisfying enough to not want to return to the cigs. I vape 18mg juice and I don't need to vape too much more than I smoked now, although the first week or two I was vaping like crazy. Maybe I was a bit scared that if I didn't, I might want a smoke. But my vaping has settled down now, and my stress-levels are pretty much back to normal now too (touch a wooden vape pen, lol).

    Other things that have helped me when I have had tougher times (note nowhere nearly as hard as I found trying to quit with gum or patches) are things like meditation and mindfulness, and a bit of commitment. If I am feeling really stressed out, and where I would normally turn to a cig to "ease my stress", I put a 10 minute alpha brainwave entrainment audio on and that does the trick. Oh yes, and exercise is helpful as well. I get on an exercise bike for half an hour. Exercise definitely helped me get through the rough patches the first few weeks.

    Or, I give myself permission to vape my head off until I feel better!

    Comparing using vaping vs. all other quit methods I have tried, vaping is head and shoulders above any other method. It made quitting smoking not only possible for me, but comparatively easy.

    Vaping works. It is the only thing that has got me off the cigs. Thanks for listening.

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