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    The Aspire SkyStar Revvo Kit - Part One - The Revvo Tank.

    The kit includes the Aspire Revvo sub ohm tank with the Aspire Radial Coil, ARC and the SkyStar Mod. This review is of the tank with a later review to follow for the mod.

    Aspire advises that the 3.6ml Revvo operates best between 50 and 100 watts with around 80 watts being the optimum. Having spent a couple of weeks with the Revvo I concur and run it at 80 to 85 watts. The disc style coil sits horizontally inside the Revvo tank and looks like a stove top. I know that this style of coil has been made by builders before but for a mass-produced disposable it is very different!

    The other very innovative thing about the Revvo is the refill, more about that later.

    Taste is good, very good, as good as an RTA for creamy and dessert flavours and nearly as good on fruity flavours. It does fall a bit short on sour and floral flavours but most tanks do. I am still working out coil life but 19 days of heavy use and, with regular cleaning it is still good.

    After the first couple of days, I was concerned about the buildup of gunk on the coil but occasional cleaning around the top of the coil and the inside of the upper housing has kept the high level of flavour consistent. I now clean the coil every evening and it performs better without the buildup.

    It does not seem to generate much condensation and produces a wet vape as a result. I like an airy tank but this is the first tank that I have had to close the air supply on. I use it at 1/3 open, it really is very airy through the triple air holes. It is well made, easy to disassemble, clean and maintain.

    The refill is the easiest and best I have ever used. Without the need to remove any components you can stick your juice bottle straight down the throat of the drip tip and engage the spring-loaded filling pipe. I have seen other reviewers misuse it and complain about some juice left at the top. If you just stop squeezing before disengaging there is absolutely no spillage, not even a drop. I am mightily impressed with the refill, it is so dammed easy and mess free when on the move. You can screw it up though by overfilling or squeezing the bottle too hard so take it easy cause this results in a big mess.

    Every other tank I have leaks to some degree even if it just condensation or weeping, so far, the Revvo just doesn't. I am a lot more comfortable with it as a travelling companion than any other tank I own.

    The juice does caramalise quicker than with other tanks I have used but I am operating at higher wattage. It does not affect the flavour but my juice is usually clear so it is just a bit weird.
    It uses a lot of juice, given the wattage, the flavour and the clouds this is no real surprise but it uses a lot!

    If used with a colour screen type mod it is very harsh on the batteries. I use it in stealth mode when possible and have learnt to turn the brightness way down and avoid tooling with the settings unnecessarily.

    If you don’t use it for any more than five minutes or so it will pop and crackle on startup. I have learnt to occasionally invert it before resuming use and this avoids the pop and crackle.

    The coils were too expensive, at nearly $4.00 each but Fastech now has them at around $2.40 each. Even though they seem to last well I think building will prove easier for me than spending money! Yeah, I am a tight ass but that is part of the fun of vaping for me.

    Conclusions and Future Directions
    The Revvo is a good tank and the ARC is a great coil. The higher than average power consumption is offset by the much higher than average quality of the flavour and the robust fluffy clouds.

    It is dam near as good on flavour, capacity and cloud production as a good Genesis style tank.
    It is not as good on flavour and clouds as a dripper, but ahh it’s not a dripper!
    It is much more convenient on refill and mobility than any RBA tank.

    The cost of replacement coils is a drawback as is the current lack of variation as only one coil type is currently available.

    I would love to answer any questions that people may have about this tank. Check the link below for pictures and specs.

    In the future, this tank will make a perfect base for more types of ARC including SS (TBR Feb/Mar 2018), potentially a long-life ceramic and a Squonk version to be released in late February 2018.
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    Interesting Cloudy. I like the look of it. It's great when a mainstream company offers a stock coil with an interesting build.
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    Nice review mate :)
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