Beyang Vapor H5 Legend, Portable E-Hookah Kit

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    When I was contacted by David, from about reviewing an E-Hookah tube style mod kit, which was sent to me free for evaluation & this review, I was intrigued.
    This device is something outside of the normal slew of products we are normally bombarded with, for choice, as vapers. I thought the concept may appeal to some vapers that had previously used Hookahs/Shisha & so I agreed to review the H5 Legend E-Hookah

    Beyang Vapor also manufacture several other E-Hookah devices, in various styles, including an E-Hookah bowl that runs on 2x 18650 batteries, replacing the charcoal tablets, bowl & uses the moist tobacco we normally associate with Shisha, while utilising a traditional glass/ceramic/etc Hookah, the hose(s) & other parts of the original Hookah.

    The H5 is a little different, there are no hoses to worry about, instead it is much like a single 18650 battery tube mod with a clearomiser, that we are familiar with, with one added feature - a water or beverage filter.
    As of this moment, I am not aware of any vendors that are carrying the H5, I did notice GearBest has the E-Hookah bowl & the H1 Legend (which is similar to the H5) but not the H5. Your best bet if you want one is to contact Beyang Vapor directly, using the "contact us" page on their website.
    I am told that the cost of the H5 is around $45Au including shipping.

    Beyang Vapor sent the H5 packaged inside a cardboard box with foam sheeting surrounding the cardboard display box of the H5, I always like this kind of packaging over bubble wrap envlopes, as it provides better protection for the goods inside.

    The front of the H5's box is quite plain but gives us an idea of what the H5 looks like inside (click pics to see full size):


    On the back of the box is listed the features & what is inside:


    Opening the box, the first thing you will see is the instruction manual, under that is the H5 battery tube & the clearomiser/filter assembly, the instructions fold out to give you a good idea of how the H5 works:


    The foam housing the H5 can be removed, to reveal an accessories box below, inside that box is a bag of spares for all the silicone parts & a cleaning brush.
    The brush is quite a good size & has rather nice bristles, however during my 6 years as a vaper, I have never needed a brush to clean my tanks, of course this may be there for cleaning the filter glass but I have not needed to use it yet. Still it's a nice touch but I would have preferred they included a spare coil (of which there is none), instead of a nice cleaning brush that is unlikely to be needed often:


    IN USE:
    The H5, when fully assembled is quite tall, measuring around 190mm high much of this comes from the water filter which adds a whopping 70mm to the height. The battery mod section is about 88mm long & 22mm wide (dia), this means the clearomiser/tank is 32mm tall & it is also 22mm wide (dia), however the overall diameter is about 24mm because the filter glass is vase shaped & bows out:


    The mod is a simple design, much like a mech tube mod but with a button on the side(as you can see in the pic. above), which protrudes a little too much for my liking, the button also rattles but it is not loose. To turn it on you need to click the button 5 times quickly & the same to turn it off when not in use. The 510 connector does not have a spring loaded positive pin, although the negative threads are made of Stainless Steel.

    The first thing you need to do is insert an 18650 battery into the mod, the H5 is rated up to 20AMPs, so a good quality, high discharge, eg. Samsung 25R or 30Q, flat top battery should be used. While the positive contact does appear to be slightly spring loaded, I would advise against using button top batteries in the mod.
    To place the battery inside, simply unscrew the bottom cap & place your battery in positive end first, it is a little hard to see in the picture below but the battery cap is marked with a big red "-" to indicate negative, the inner tube looks like it has ridges but it is quite smooth to the touch & will not damage battery wraps:


    The tank & filter section arrived generally clean but as always I washed all the tank & filter parts(minus the coil head) in warm soapy water, rinsed them with cold water & allowed them to dry.
    The picture below shows a break down of the tank and the filter, with the tank parts on the left & the filter parts on the right:


    After reassembling the tank, filling is done from the top very easily, it will hold 3ml of juice. You then seal the tank with its top piece that has the airflow slots on it:


    The water filter bottom cap, acts as the tank's top cap, so you need to assemble the filter then just screw it on after filling the tank.
    I would like to see another piece included in this kit, that allows the tank to be used without the filter, as a standard clearomiser, with adjustable top airflow. I think this tank has potential to be a very good top airflow clearomiser, as a stand alone unit but it would need a top cap for this purpose.

    While on the subject of airflow, the air comes in from 4 slots around the top of the tank, travels down the side of the coil head, which has a double SS wall, to the bottom of the tank & then back up through the coil. This should ensure the tank does not leak & during my testing I found that to be true.

    With the tank full & the filter attached, you need to put some liquid into the top to filter with. This does not need to be water, Beyang Vapor say that beer, wine or other beverages can be used but for my testing I used ordinary tap water.
    To do this, you remove the mouth piece, which is proprietary (not 510 DT compatible) & also acts as a lock/switch for the filter liquid inside & for how the vapor reaches your mouth.
    The glass of the filter has a line on it with "highest" written in large lettering, this is the maximum fill line, with the mouthpiece removed there are 2 openings at the top of the filter that will allow liquid to get in & air to escape while filling.

    Picture shows the filter in the "ON" position, note the opening just below the top glass seal:


    The filter in the off position, note the opening is now closed & completely sealed by the silicone cup covering the opening:



    We already know that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, according to the PHE & RCP reports, so having a filter of any kind, for vapor from ejuice, probably isn't needed.
    For those people that enjoy Shisha, this product may be something they would enjoy, certainly it is highly likely to be less harmful than using a traditional Shisha but then so is vaping without an added filter. However we are creatures of habit & if your habit used to be smoke filtering through liquids, then vapor filtering through liquids may be your thing.
    For me this seems more gimmicky than practical but I concede there may be vapers out there, that would really enjoy a portable Shisha type device.

    The vape with the filter turned on, does seem smoother than with it turned off but you can vape on the device with it on or off. With it off the flavor is better, with it on the vapor is smoother & this may be of use to new vapers that find vaping makes them cough considerably, until they get used to vaping.
    The big thing for me was the concern I had before it arrived that PG & VG & Nicotine, as well as the Flavorings used in ejuice are all water soluble, so I wondered just how much this would affect the vapor quality & the nicotine delivery.

    The flavor for me when using this with the filter on, was muted & a little dull, compared to what I am used to when vaping on my other tanks. With the filter off the flavor improved but because the vapor had to travel so far up the chimney, it was not as good as I think it should have been.
    I really do think that the tank is not at fault here, the airflow design is quite similar to some other tanks that I enjoy using, if it had its own top cap, to use without the filter attached, I would have a better idea of how good it actually is & I think this would really improve the device a lot.

    During use, the tank got quite hot too, on a warm day after just 5 puffs, the tank was almost too hot to touch. Using another tank with similar top to bottom to top airflow, to compare just afterwards, it was nowhere near as hot, it was hardly much warmer than ambient temperature.
    On cooler days it has not got so hot but it still gets hotter than other tanks. Again I do not think the tank itself is at fault here, the extra long chimney & the filter design, restrict the airflow significantly, while the tank sealing piece (top piece but not a top cap) has 4 adequate airflow slots, the amount of airflow that can actually pass through the coil is far less than they would allow for, this is believe is the cause of the unusual heat.
    In fact, the draw is quite stiff, you need to direct lung inhale to get a MTL sized cloud, this is with the filter on or off, since the airflow restriction(choke point) happens further down that that.

    As for filtering, after running a tankful through the device, I decided to taste test the filter water, I knew there was not going to be much of anything "nasty" in the water (which by now was slightly discolored), PHE said 95% safer remember?
    So I tasted it, it was quite sweet (I assume this was from the PG & VG), I also found out where all the flavor I had been missing went, it was quite tasty much like cordial & there was definitely some nicotine trapped in the water because it had that characteristic "burn"/tingle to it.
    So the filter does work but I'm left wondering; Does it really need to?

    All in all, I find it hard to recommend this device, in its present form, to anyone other than those that really love Shisha but don't miss the smoke of Shisha & want to vape instead.
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