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    Thanks to our rep from HealthCabin.net I received the DigiFlavor Themis, free to review.
    As always my review will be my honest opinion of the product as if I had bought it, because it is my intention to inform other vapers above all else.
    I have had it now for 2 weeks in testing, IMO it is a very good top filling, top airflow, DL RTA.

    Before I start with the review, a quick note about HC. They have been serving the vaping community with quality products for 9 years & are having a month-long anniversary sale, beginning on the 14th.
    For more info about that, you can take a look at their informational pages here: https://vape.healthcabin.net/healthcabin-ninth-anniversary-celebration/ and here: https://www.healthcabin.net/9th-anniversary/

    The Themis comes in a sturdy cardboard box, with foam inserts to protect the contents, eg. the RTA.

    Inside is of course the Themis RTA (fitted with a 810 driptip), a spare glass tank, a 510 driptip, a bag of spares (orings, screws & a 510 DT adapter), also a warranty card, an instruction manual & a 3 way multi screwdriver (which is OK but prone to becoming not straight on the blade if you over tighten slightly - as I found out).

    IN USE:

    The Themis is made by DigiFlavor, which is the sister company of Geek Vape.
    Some of you may remember the Zeus RTA made by Geek Vape, the Themis obviously borrows some traits from that RTA but instead of being made for a single coil, this version (there is also a version designed to use either single coils or mesh coils) is made for dual coils.
    So I have heard some people call this the Zeus V2, which isn't quite correct as there is a Zeus V2 being released & designed to also take dual coils. However, it is hard not to compare it to the Zeus or to the OBS Engine RTA, as these both use top airflow & top fill designs.

    Top fill & top airflow in a tank generally means you are not going to experience leaking & the Themis is no exception. In the 2 weeks of testing I have not had a single issue of leaking, flooding or seeping, by comparison this is on par with both the Zeus & the Engine.

    Filling is done by removing the top cap, exactly the same way the Zeus top filling is achieved, with a 1/4 turn of the top cap. Comparing this to the Engine, the Engine's method is simply lifting a ring (which stays attached) to reveal the fill port. In practice both methods work very well, though I find the Engine's method a little more convenient, as I don't have to rest the top cap somewhere to fill.

    , on the Themis is probably the most open of any RTA I have tried or tested when wide open, more open than both the Zeus & the Engine. However on all 3, I find the airflow wide open to be far more than I need but if you have tried the Engine & found there was not quite enough airflow wide open, then the Themis should have you covered.

    Flavor & vapor production, this is probably what most of you want to know about.
    For testing this, I used as close to the same build as I have in the Engine - the Engine has been my all day vape for near on 12 months, ever since I first got it.
    So the build was; dual, contact, fused claptons, in the Engine 6 wrapped 4.1 ohm, in the Themis 5 wrapped 3.5 ohm, both 3.5mm inner diameter (1 extra wrap on the Engine but still close enough to get a good idea of how each compare).

    Vapor production is very similar ( I have the wattage cranked a little more for the Themis due to the lower ohm reading) but did feel a little more dense in the Themis.
    Flavor production, this is slightly contentious, as most vapers who have tried the Engine find it has excellent flavor production ( including me), though a few never came to terms with the Engine (which I suspect is down to the builds used). However, I would have to give the edge here to the Themis but there is very little in it. Either RTA gives an accurate flavor profile to your vape & either produce very good flavor, the Themis just seems to have very slightly more flavor.

    However that is not the full story, Throat Hit is an important factor for many vapers & here the Themis has less than the Engine, quite noticeably. So depending on whether you want more or less TH should decide which of these RTAs you get if you are trying to decide between them, IMO.
    In almost every respect, build quality, vapor & flavor production, leak-free tank, ease of filling, these two are neck & neck, the main thing separating them is in Throat Hit.
    The other main difference is in size, the Engine is smaller in diameter & height while holding just as much ejuice.

    The Zeus, being a single coil RTA, even with my best flavor build, did not produce as good flavor as the Engine, plus it has a quirky build deck, leaving it in third place. However, there is a Zeus V2 coming out with a very similar deck & design to the Themis dual coil, which from the photos I have seen looks to be near enough to a copy in design (with a few minor differences).


    The build deck on the Themis is a postless design, using slotted grub screws under the deck to trap the coil legs.

    This makes for a very easy RTA deck to build on & even vapers new to rebuildable tanks should have little trouble installing coils on this deck, as long as they follow the safe building procedures of testing for shorts etc.
    It is of the 3 mentioned in this review, the easiest to build on IMO, though I would not trust the DigiFlavor screwdriver tool for anything but an emergency use. Use your own screwdriver for tightening the grub screws & you shouldn't have an issue.

    I have seen at least one other reviewer recommend pulling the coils up higher than where I believe they should be situated. Because the inner barrel is flat(ish) at the top & because the airflows down & through the channels to the side of the coils, with a raised channel on either side of the deck that direct air from the sides of the inner barrel, I believe the coils should rest no higher than the tops of those raised channels. Any higher & you are risking a short to the top of the inner barrel.

    Wicking is not difficult, although both coils share the same wicking slots. The trick here is to not over stuff those slots but not under stuff them either. Over stuffing, I think, will cause dry hits ( I did not test this but experience with other tanks has taught me) & under stuffing will likely allow the inner barrel to flood (I had this happen on the Engine but if/when it does you'll be glad you have a "leakproof" tank).
    The wick should be enough to fill the slot but still have some movement when you try to push it side to side with a screwdriver or tweezers etc.
    The way the wick slot is designed if you use a 2.5mm to 3.5mm inner dia. coil build, you're going to be near spot on for having the correct amount of wick in the slot. At 3.5mm you may need to trim a very small amount of wick from the side at the ends or "rake" your wicks on the ends, to avoid over stuffing but the design is less critical than a lot of other RTA wick slots.


    If you can't tell already, I like the Themis dual RTA a lot but it doesn't quite replace my Engine RTA, though in most instances I can happily use one or the other.
    I find that first vape of the day, I prefer the Themis, due to the reduced TH but then at times (such as when having a few drinks) the Engine comes into its own & is preferred.

    I thought with the Engine, that I had found an RTA that ticked all the boxes ( at least for myself) & testament to that is that I have used it almost exclusively for 12 months. Well along comes the Themis & I now have another RTA that also fits the bill, ticking all the boxes. They both perform to a high standard & for me having a tank that isn't going to leak is a must now, gone are the days when I'd forgive a tank for seeping a little through bottom airflow slots.

    One thing I hadn't touched on so far is looks, the Themis looks very sleek (at least the black version I have does), with little visible branding, the Engine by comparison (also the black version) has large & very visible "OBS" branding on it. So while I enjoy function over form with my RTAs, I do like the looks of the Themis more than those of the Engine but I prefer the size of the Engine over the size of the Themis when you consider they hold nearly the same volume of ejuice.

    Overall the Themis gets a big thumbs up & I would recommend it to someone new to rebuildables over the Engine because of the ease of build or experienced rebuilders that like less TH , for experienced rebuilders that like more TH the Engine is what I'd recommend.

    [sorry pics to come]
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