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    Jun 15, 2015
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    Was recently looking for a TC tube mod, and after shying away from the price tag of the Dicodes offering, @DogMan alerted me to the Ehpro Mod 101 which will do 50 watts and offers Temperature Control.

    So, given I could afford 6 of the Mod 101s for the price of a single Dicodes Dani Extreme, I ordered 3 - 2 of which have already arrived.

    Firstly, let me lazy by embedding Phil Busardo's review of the Ehpro Mod 101, because I could never go into the detail that he does.
    This collection of thoughts will be based around other aspects of Ehpro Mod 101 usage, trials and tribulations.

    Firstly, I'll point out that this is definitely a case of 'you get what you pay for' and while I've yet to hear a negative comment about the more expensive mod I avoided, this one has presented a few frustrations. Mostly centered around the battery cap that screws in to hold the 18350 or 18650 tight in the mod.

    Here is some back and forth comments between myself & @iamTezr from another thread where we were drifting off topic.
    No. And confusion over that left me in quite a quandary..
    OK.. here is where I get into a bit of a rant.

    Huh.. that would explain a lot, like why I thought it could also do 18500, while it can only do 18350/18650.

    When I got the units, I'd not yet seen Phil's review that said all three battery sizes, as well as a review from a British chap that claimed it only did the two battery sizes. (I watched both, later.)

    Since I thought it did all three battery sizes, my first order of business was to screw the adjustable (gold) battery cap right out - expecting it could then screw into the longer of the two extension tubes for use with an 18500. It sure didn't, in fact, it became stuck, and since I could not adjust it either way, it was unusable with any battery. I considered looking for springs I could drop in there in order to bridge the gap and make it usable, but held off since that would rule out use an 18500, which I think would be this mod's 'sweet spot'. Since my experience with the retailer that supplied the mod had been so poor, I fired off an email to the EHPro manufacturer asking them about it, and in usual Chinglish style they largely misunderstood what I was saying and gave irrelevant replies.

    However they did mention that they used to use the silver end caps, but found that they became stuck if the mod was dropped with a battery in it, so replaced them with the (newer design) gold covers. My teeth were grating as I sat their fuming "but the gold caps are no bloody better, and these mods were never 'dropped with a battery inside them' anyway! Aargh!" I ..prompted them with 'so where do we go from here' and they referred me directly back to the (very frustrating) retailer.

    It was about then that I looked real close at the end of the one that was stuck (I was using the other one with an 18350) to notice that the bottom of the shorter extension tube had a ridge around it that prevented the battery cap from screwing all the way out! D'Oh!

    OK.. now - steeling my nerve, I wrapped the main unit in toilet paper and gripped it in a small hobby vice I recently acquired, then got a pair of pliers and 'gently' turned the bar across the bottom of the battery cap in the 'screw it in' direction. That did piss all, so I increased the force until it popped free and was again usable. Now, given it would not screw out, I screwed it all the way in till it came free of the thread and could be removed completely. I wanted to try it in the longer extension tube to see the mod work with an 18490/18500 battery. No go! The battery cap completely misses the thread for the longer tube and will just pass all the way along the length of it.

    Now I'm figuring this bloody screw type adjusting end cap seems to be a hangover from the design that took all three battery sizes, however now the unit has been redesigned for 18350 / 18650 only, a screw adjustment makes no sense at all. They could make the shorter tube with a solid end and a spring in it, and avoid all the hassle of it becoming stuck!
    Errmm.. Where is the serial no? I think that 'security code' at the bottom of the box is looking likely..

    The bar code number might help distinguish between the two variants?

    Nope, not that I can see on either side of the battery cap.
    I then took that a little further..

    To see a "site can't be reached" message. Same deal for the (longer) QR code link that has the same base site (unsurprisingly).
    So.. as alluded to further up, not without its frustrations.

    As to usage of the mod itself, I'm trying it using 18350s with a Silo Beast with shorty sleeve, using the nickel .15 Ohm coils with wattage / temp of 130C / 20W in one and 160C / 18W in the other (they are using very different e-liquids).

    The time from pressing the button to it warming up is longer than if the wattage were higher, but I don't mind a little wait and don't want to push the Efest Purple 18350s too far (though a calculator suggested they could go to 38.5 watts safely).

    Really don't like the auto-shutoff of the mod, or the fact that time is not adjustable & the firmware is not updateable, but I expect I'll get used to it.

    When the extension tubes are screwed together, the seams are virtually invisible, which is a good thing, though it did remind me when playing with the tubes that to get that kind of seamless look with stainless steel requires such fine tolerances that it leaves a sharp edge (read as 'I cut myself on the sharp edge'). :p

    Further comments I'll save for ..some future time. Want to give the mods a bit of time to reveal their strengths and weaknesses.
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    Jun 15, 2015
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    But since I already posted it elsewhere, here is a pic of 3 mods with the Ehpro Mod 101 on the right..


    From left to right in order of acquisition:
    • A Smok ZMAX mini sporting an eVod on top.
    • A ProVari P3 with a Silo Beast (w/shorty sleeve) on top. This hangs on a lanyard (seen attached) and is my everyday vape.
    • The Ehpro Mod 101, again with a Silo Beast on top.
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    Jun 15, 2015
    Sydney 2016
    Follow up: Have already covered some of the good aspects of this mod, so here are some less than optimal aspects:
    • It will allow draining the battery to virtually empty if allowed. Not good for battery health.
    • The extension tube design is 'less than optimal', given the change from supporting 3 battery sizes, to just two. They should have changed the 'screw adjust' end cap for a spring.
    • Automatically turning itself off after a certain (unspecified) delay is irritating.
    • Turning itself off on battery change.
    • Occasionally it will prompt with question of 'new coil?' when it is switched on.
    (shrugs) You get way you pay for, and at 1/6 the price (with one extension tube included in that price), I would not expect it to be as good as the Dicodes Dani.

    I use all three EHPRO Mod 101s with Silo Beast tanks (with shorty sleeve) on 18350 batteries in TC mode (.15 Ohm coils). Adjusted for each e-liquid used, it seems to hold the temperature well.
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