Issues surround the Sigelei 213 Mod

Discussion in 'Vapoureyes' started by KayP, May 20, 2016.

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    Jan 31, 2016
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    Hi Ed and Mo.

    I bought a Sigelei 213 mod from you and my order number was #44244. As I have advised you, in emails, my mod has been misfiring. I also like to bring to your attention that I can trigger a screen glitch.

    To make matters worse, there has been a long ongoing debate whether if the advertised TCR and TFR actually work on the mod. Today Sigelei has released an official notice, on their website, that the TCR on the mod does not work.

    Here is my Sigelei thread, in which I have posting my impressions and the on going issues surrounding the mod:

    Suffice to say, Sigelei has dropped the ball, big time. And whichever I look at it, if a product is unable to deliver its advertised features, then is it not false advertising?

    I doubt I am the only person to contact you with issues with their Sigelei 213. Please kindly give advice on what I could do, because I am seriously contemplating on demanding my money back and returning this product.

    Kind regards,

    P.S. To other members, please note these comments are based on the issues surrounding the Sigelei 213. It is not a reflection on Vapour Eyes, Ed or Mo. I have dealt with VE plenty of times and they have always delivered in customer service. I'm sure, or rather hope, they will not disappoint me this time as well.

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