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  1. margyb

    margyb Great Balls of Fire

    Jun 11, 2015
    Lindisfarne Tasmania
    Originally written in 2011 ( dates fixed)

    * Who is using e-cigs/PV's?

    I am a 62 year old female. I am a retired nurse and smoked 30-50 cigarettes a day for 41 years.

    I was diagnosed with severe emphysema 5 years ago. I knew I had to give up smoking as I was coughing all the time and got out of breath very quickly.

    I also have a heart condition requiring monitoring and medication.

    I also suffer from spinal degeneration at 3 levels which is very painful and debilitating

    A 62 year old nurse friend of mine had just died from emphysema so I was really scared I was going to die soon as well.

    My daughter told me lots of people in London were using electronic cigarettes and not smoking.

    I did some google research and found a wealth of information on PV's (personal vapourisers) and found a vaping forum which was realll helpful

    I gave up smoking almost as soon as I started vaping. 4 years ago

    * Why are you using these devices?

    I am vaping in an effort to prolong my life expectancy.

    I enjoyed smoking and felt it relieved a lot of stress and helped with pain relief but I knew it was killing me slowly. I had attempted to quit smoking several times but it never worked.

    Since I started vaping I now breathe better and dont need ventolin anymore. I have lost my smokers cough. I have more energy and can walk up hills again.

    When I found Dr Farsalinos ( Greek cardiologist) had done testing which proved vaping did not affect the heart I was really excited and relieved. I follow all his research closely.

    Giving up smoking using ecigarettes was so easy I couldn't believe my luck finding these life saving electronic cigarettes.

    My sense of smell and taste have returned and I am glad I am not polluting the air with smoke anymore.

    My family are so relieved that I gave up smoking and are happy with me vaping

    I enjoy vaping and especially like fruit and sweet flavoured nicotine juice.

    I started with a cigalike 16mg/ml prefilled cartos which worked and after I found you could buy and refill your own e-cigs that was when I switched completely

    I like 24mg/ml nicotine

    * What other methods have you used in the past

    I tried cold turkey a few times. I tried nicorette gum, lozenges and patches and they never worked and made me feel terrible. I tried the nicorette inhalator which was totally useless. I only gave up smoking for a week or so using these methods and had terrible withdrawal sypmtoms and always went back to smoking.

    I did a lot of research on Champix as I was going to try that too. But when I saw all the suicide reports from some people using this drug I was too frightened to touch it.

    * What else would you like any health or government authority to know

    If any organisation or government bans the use of ecigs it will be an ETHICAL CRIME as it will force ex smokers (now vapers) to return to smoking.

    This I see would be a death sentence. For me anyway.

    Please health and government officials, be aware of vaping and all the positive medical studies that are now being done which prove vaping is an excellent way in reducing harm and has the potential to save millions of lives worldwide

    Thankyou for taking the time to read this

    Margaret ( from Lindisfarne Tasmania)

    Since I wrote this in 2011 I have had one severe chest infection which I am just recovering from now

    I went to a fabulous vapemeet In Ballarat and have plans to go to many more

    Sorry I have been slack getting this on the café
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  2. Judith

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    Jun 2, 2015
    Good story, or course, Margy. :kissing:
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  3. margyb

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    Jun 11, 2015
    Lindisfarne Tasmania
    Dam shame I got sick but once in 4 years isn't bad and I did catch 4 planes
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  4. Pippi

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    Jun 18, 2015
    That is great and yes it was a shame you were sick but Geez you coped well, I reckon we will have to watch out when you are in full form next time!
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  5. Steve Thomas

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    Aug 10, 2015
    Good on you margy. I loved seeing you at the vapemeet and so glad you won a provari. I hope to see you at all the vape meets in the future. Im really glad your vaping has affected you in very positive ways. Its great to hear your story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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