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    For the past 2 months, I've been busy developing an important campaign for 2019. The VIF program will be nationwide, and our goal is to help 1000 smokers switch to vaping.

    So far, it looks like we have support in China from two major manufacturers (I cannot name them at this point) and media coverage will also happen; radio and TV are being sorted at the moment but won't be an issue.

    The NNA will be funded for this venture through various efforts, including grants (already in the works and pre-approved) along with domestic and overseas donations. I have directly rejected funding from BT, as it has already been offered.

    Additional advocacy organisations will be involved, at least to some extent, and I hope to get support from domestic vape companies; I'm in the process of reaching out.

    Once all involved is settled on I'll let you know.

    However, to achieve this goal, we will need your help!
    • We are looking for volunteers all across the country who are willing to meet with smokers and introduce them to vaping. A quit smoking "hotline number" will be used and promoted so as we have smokers already asking to meet. More on this later.
    • We need Ambassadors for each state or region, to assist and communicate with me on progress, issues and so forth.
    • Promotion - Once all social media, website banners and graphics are ready, vapers who are unable to help with above could help the cause by spreading the word whenever the opportunity arises.

    I'm confident we will be able to cover basic travel expenses and I hope to be able to provide suitable starter e-cigs and e-juice to some also. Obviously, there will be guidelines and a manual that covers our views on how best to approach this. (Yes, not needed by some)

    A lot of effort has gone into this program and it would not have been possible without the help from AVCA in NZ, as an example. I shall be heading the project, along with our existing and new board members. (to be announced shortly)

    Please, if you have any thoughts, let me know, but I can assure you that apart from the politics we are involved in, this is where the focus needs to be. We have most of what we need to achieve this, but we cannot reach our goal without you.

    The more vapers there are, the more our voices will be heard.

    You may contact, leave a reply here, or PM me. I also have additional contact details below.
    Thanking you in advance.

    Charles Yates
    NNA President

    Ph: 0452 195 477 ( between 9am and 6pm)
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