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    Jun 2, 2015
    First let me say a big welcome to all the new vapers!

    Some of you may have heard of "Noe's List" & wondered well where is "Noe's List, what is it, why does it exist?"

    Noe's list is an easy to use guide to getting started with vaping, with links provided to everything you need for a basic starter kit, at very reasonable prices, it exists to make it easy for smokers to see what they need to transition to vaping & get them started all in a single order.

    The list has been revised for 2017, so that all products are current, if you want to see & compare to the original Noe's List the link is here:
    The 2016 edition of Noe's List can be seen here:
    As with the 2016 Noe's list, the vendor chosen for the 2017 Noe's list will be Heaven Gifts, the reason for this is that Heaven Gifts has good stock updates & the products listed are less likely to be discontinued, they have good customer service and because Heaven Gifts is a very reputable vendor that supports this forum.

    IMO what you want for your initial order is a 1-stop-shop, where you can get everything you need in 1 order.
    Regardless of what you decide to order, this makes things very simple & means everything arrives at the same time, so you can get into it immediately you open it(well almost, make sure the batts are charged first).

    For the same reason I recommend for first orders, they have a large range of products, they ship reliably(choose CN E-Packet shipping & you will usually have your goods in a week, 2 at most), their customer service is very good & their prices are good too. Plus they have everything you need, including nic juice to get you started.

    Unlike the previous two versions of Noe's List, the 2017 edition is going to have fewer devices to add to your cart, this is because in the later half of 2016 we saw the rise of All In One devices, which IMO are ideal for new vapers, due to their simplicity.
    These All In Ones may not be suitable for all new vapers, who may balk at their size (diameter) for them, the 2016 edition of Noe's List provides smaller diameter device choices. However you should be aware that the devices in the 2017 edition generally provide a superior vaping experience to those in the 2016 edition.


    Kits used to consist of 3 basic parts, Batteries, Charger & something for putting the juice into, usually called atomisers (atties) or clearomisers(clearos). With the rise of the AIOs, this is no longer true, the AIOs are usually charged by a USB cable & have both the tank(atomiser) & the battery in one unit.
    I think the best solution for a new vaper is an entry level device like these, which will serve as a back up should you have problems with your mod later on.

    For most smokers wanting to switch to vaping, they want a MTL (mouth to lung) vaping experience or perhaps a slightly less tight restrictive DL ( direct lung) vaping experience, for them I have included these first 3 choices.
    It is a good idea to have 2 of these (in case one fails/breaks) & I have selected 3 slightly different models with different features for you to choose from, they should last the best part of full day of vaping before needing a recharge.
    ( In the case of the Aspire Pockex & the Joyetech AIO, I own 1 of each, so I have checked the quality & functionality of these devices & they have passed my examination. In the case of the Innokin Endura T18, I have relied upon other experienced vapers reports for suitability to be included here).
    Some new vapers still want a more restrictive draw than these devices provide, for them the items in the 2016 Noe's list may be more suitable, as the clearomisers there provide a more restricted draw.

    POCKEX the #1 Recommended AIO:

    The first device & the one I recommend the most is the AspirePockex
    IMO this is suitable for a wider variety of vapers than the other devices that will be mentioned. It also looks & feels like a more quality device than the other 2.
    It also has a replaceable tank glass section, so if you drop & break the glass you can replace it, I highly recommend picking up a spare tank section when you order your kit: Glass replacement
    I did a full review of the Pockex, which you can read here:

    Replacemnt coils for the Pockex are 0.6 ohm: Pockex coils
    There are also Nautilus X coils that will fit into the Pockex but these are not recommended for use with the Pockex, please be sure to choose only Pockex coils to use in your Pockex!
    These coils are IMO a little expensive compared to the coils for other device's mentioned here, I would like to see them come down in price. However, to put it in perspective, compared to smoking, these coils are still a very cheap outlay, my original Pockex coil was still performing like new after 3 weeks of constant use.

    Joye AIO:

    The next best choice is the Joyetech AIO
    This is virtually the same size as the Pockex above but as mentioned in my Pockex review, the Pockex has several advantages over the Joye AIO, leaving this device in second place.
    One other reason a new vaper may want a Joye AIO is due to the slightly thinner diameter variation of the device, which is a 16mm dia instead of 19mm dia but this is also much longer than the Pockex or 19mm dia Joye AIO. You can get the 16mm version here: 16mm version

    Replacement coils for the Joye AIO come in more variety than the Pockex, the original coils are these: 0.6 ohm coils
    However you can choose the 0.5 ohm or 1.0 ohm SS coils in the drop down menu also, some vapers prefer the 1.0 ohm coils to the original 0.6 ohm coils, I have not heard of any using the 0.5 ohm coils.

    Innokin T18:

    Lastly is the Endura T18
    I have heard varied reports of like/dislike of this device, some vapers love it, others hate it but it is included here because it offers something different to the two choices above. First it has a warmer(almost hot) vapor output, which some vapers enjoy more than a cool to warm vape.
    Second, while it comes with both a tank & an atomiser, it is not a true AIO device, the battery & atoomiser are separate. This means if you do not like the vape you get out of the atomiser, you can choose a new tank atomiser to replace it with of a different brand. I have tried vaping on the T18 (on another vaper's device) & I did not like the vape I got when using it, I found it too hot & the flavor of the vapor not as clean as I would like. One real disadvantage this choice has over the two above is the battery capacity, the T18 has 1000mah capacity, while the other two have 1500mah, this means you will need to recharge it sooner.

    Replacement coils for the T18 can be found here: T18 coils

    An AIO for smokers wanting vapor volume:

    The above devices may not output enough vapor or deliver a big enough "hit" for some smokers wanting to switch to vaping.
    These type of vapers are often referred to as "Cloud Chasers", if this sounds like you, then please be mindful that the general public do not appreciate huge clouds blown in their direction. It is possible to take lighter puffs, when in a crowded location, with this device & still get a satisfying vape, there is no need to be impolite about your vaping.

    I debated with myself of whether I should include this device category but in the end, I decided that there were enough new vapers jumping straight into cloud chasing to warrant the inclusion of a capable & relatively safe device.

    For this group, there is the Ijoy RDTA Box mod
    This is a little different to the devices above in that it takes removable 18650 batteries, I highly recommend good quality high drain batteries for use in this device, like the Samsung 30Q 18650 batteries
    Note that you will have no option but to use DHL express shipping if adding these or other Lithium-Ion batteries to your order, many vendors in Australia also sell 30Q batteries & shipping will likely work out cheaper to order from them.
    Warning: Please read about Li-Ion Battery safety & rotate your batteries correctly between charges!
    Also your pair of batteries should be considered "married for life", do not mix them with other batteries & do not use them individually for other purposes, only use them together as a pair & recharge them together.

    You will also need a good quality 2 or 4 slot battery charger : 2 slot or IMO a better option is the 4 slot

    The Ijoy RDTA box comes with all you need to set up your own coil build or has the optional pre-made 3 coil head to use, if you just want to vape without fiddling around with rebuilding.
    Optional decks for rebuilding can also be purchased, which replace the included decks here's some of the available: optional decks
    As mentioned, Ijoy include the 3 coil pre-made coil head but IME the 2 coil pre-made head performed better these: 2 coil head
    Or you can get the 3 coil pre-made heads if you prefer: 3 coil head
    Both of these coil options make it easy for a new vaper to cloud chase right away without the need for building your own deck.
    With these pre-made coils it is possible to remove the old dirty wicks & replace them with fresh cotton wicks, you can find more information about this by searching on youtube.


    No matter which device(s) you chose, next you will want some juice.
    My minimum recommendation is 4 bottles x 30ml at 18mg/ml strength, pre-mixed juices in various flavors, this should be enough to last 3-4 weeks & give you a week to try vaping before needing to reorder more juice (shipping from overseas takes time, 2 weeks is common but it can be delayed).
    I recommend a bottle of vanilla, 1x fruit type, 1x tobacco style & one other be included in your choices, perhaps also a menthol flavor.
    If you are choosing the cloud chasing path, you should double the amount of bottles & choose 11mg/ml or 6mg/ml nicotine strength.

    Heaven Gifts now has its own brand of juices: HG Juice 30ml
    These have various PG/VG formulations depending on flavor chosen, typical is 60/40 to 80/20 PG/VG & these ratios will work fine in all the above devices.

    Optional Items for mixing:

    Some plain PG & some plain VG will come in handy if you need to dilute your juice later on & it is cheap to grab 3 or 4 bottles of each at the same time:

    Some empty mixing bottles will also come in handy, perhaps 4x 30ml & 4x 10ml to start with:

    A syringe is also a good idea to grab for measuring liquids & refilling some kinds of clearos etc, I would grab 1 or 2 of each size:

    To keep it a bit more simple & so that newbies can check to see they have all that they really need to get started, here is the TL: DR version of the above.
    First create a free account with Heaven Gifts, then use the links in this thread to add the items into your cart & when finished adding items check that you have at least what is listed below:

    For the first 3 AIOs listed:

      • 2x AIO kits
      • 4x 30ml juices
      • 1x pack of replacement coils
    For the cloud Chasers:

      • 1x AIO kit
      • 8x 30ml juices
      • 2x pre-made replacement coils (if you don't plan to build your own deck)
      • 2x Samsung 30Q batteries (minimum, 4 would be better, giving you 2pairs)
      • 1x battery charger
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    Sep 3, 2016
    I just tried this out for nic juice, remembering when I tried to order from HG some time ago. The advice on checkout is "CN E-packet can't ship e-liquid or batteries from May 25, 2016". It seems as if Netherlands Airmail is the only valid option.

    I haven't actually used HG, mainly because of this and a couple of other issues, but someone here may have some recent experience.
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    Jun 2, 2015
    I just tried a dummy order, selected CN EPacket shipping & there was nothing preventing me from clicking "pay now".
    Without actually paying/ordering there is no further I could have got to check this but since I could get that far, I am fairly sure the order would go through.
    The only product in my cart was the HG brand Ejuice:

    EDIT: I just double checked & this time tried Singapore Airmail instead, when I selected thsi option there was a notice saying:
    Service Limitation: IMPOSSIBLE to ship e-liquid & lithium battery cell( ie. 18350,18650).

    This notice wasn't there for the CN E-Packet shipping option :)
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    Sep 3, 2016
    Hmm, interesting. I wonder if it work. I'm not sure how far I got last time, but if it had warnings like that, I probably backed off. I'm not afraid of risk-taking, but I was after something in a reasonable time frame.
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    Jun 2, 2015
    China won't be operating properly for another 2-3 weeks yet, due to CNY, so I would expect a big delay if you placed an order right now, even if you used DHL express shipping.
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    My last two orders from HG were sent via Holland, the only problem was the time it took.
    Checking the time now.............

    Ordered 15/08/2016 took 21 days
    Ordered 03/11/2016 took 36 days

    From my memory they were stuck in Holland for a long time.
    Good luck.
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    What will be in 2018?
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