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    I found this video on youtube which I found rather interesting.

    I myself use traditional methods as well as Ultrasonic. However, the little ultrasonic steeper that this reviewer uses I personally would avoid for two reasons.

    1. It only has short cycles and it would be a PITA to have to keep going back to reset it every 8 minutes or so.

    2. I bought one of these small ones as my first UC machine and the wife seized it to clean her baubles.
    alas after 8 cycles it gave up the ghost. Trying to claim warranty......I won't even go there, needless to say it it came from China. I gave up time wasting and negotiating. It was not worth my time.
    The one that I did replace it with came from Victoria and alas that vendor has sold out as a few tried to buy this one. This is a doozie and it has a pre heat phase and works like a charm. I steep my juice in it for 1 hour at a time with a 24 hour breathing time, and repeat this three times. 90% of the flavors I mix are spot on after this cycle. I do however find that steeping in a glass bottle with the lid loose in the UC is better than steeping in plastic bottles. Some plastics may react to the the saying goes good things come in glass.
    In the picture below I have set it to warm the juice 70/30 this time to 40C before the machine will activate.

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    Good video/experiment bu it didn't go far enough.

    Method 2 is closest to what I recommend, however to save bugs/gnats getting into the juice I recommend leaving the dripper on the bottle & the lid off for 24hrs, then minimum 3 days with the lids on.
    I don't particularly like the U/C method, it's adding heat to your juice which degrades the nic content, it's ok if you intend to use the juice quickly but if you're making a big batch or putting bottles away for any length of time then Method 2 is by far the better method.
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