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Discussion in 'Ask the Veterans' started by Tirryn, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. Tirryn

    Tirryn New Member

    Oct 24, 2016
    I recently purchased a SMOK Osub plus kit and everything was going fine until I replaced the coil ( because it started tasting funny) , when I put the new coil in I filled my tank with juice and let it rest for about 7 minutes and then turned it on and straight away it tasted burnt , I only had it on 60w and 150 digrees Celsius , any idea why it's tasting burnt , what can I do to prevent in the future thanks
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  2. RC.

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    Jun 13, 2015
    Sydney, Hills District
    It is probably best to prime the coil first before you install it in the tank.

    This gets the absorption going, then install and wait for about 10 minutes or longer.

    If it is burnt it will taste and stay that way for ever more.
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  3. Noe

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    Jun 2, 2015
    What @RC. said.
    60W is quite high, even for TC mode, when you first fire the device in TC you get the full 60W (or whatever it is set to in wattage) before Temp Control takes over. That brief 60W of power on a dry or dry-ish piece of cotton wick is going to burn it.

    Replace the coil with a new one that has been properly primed. To do that, before you put the coil into the tank, drip some juice into the coil from the top, when you see the cotton at the juice flow slots get wet (or change color) then it is properly primed.
    Put the coil into the tank, wait 5mins then take a primer puff (puff without firing the button) or two, if it is just starting to gurgle that is ideal, vape the gurgle out of the tank & it'll be fine.
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  4. sirfoxey

    sirfoxey Senior Member

    Feb 8, 2016
    I also with all new coils, homemade or pre-made fire them up at 20w for 2 or 3 hits, then 30w for 2 or 3 hits, then 45w for the rest of half a tank, then what ever normal W or TC temp I would vape at. Gives the coils and wick good slow prime and then my coils home made or pre-made last for ages and give great flavour. A good slow prime really helps with getting the wick to absorb quickly and never burn.
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  5. Gasman

    Gasman Senior Member

    Jun 12, 2015
    Northern suburbs, Perth
    Been there and done that.

    Revolting taste I know.

    The advice given above is in my opinion spot on and hopefully after following it you'll be fine.

    It's an easy mistake to make particularly if your in a rush.
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  6. KayP

    KayP Senior Member

    Jan 31, 2016
    Gold Coast, QLD
    Yes, what the others have already said. It's best to prime the coils, let it sit, take a few puffs at lower wattages and then see if it is wicking. If you see bubbles then it's wicking.

    This was a lesson I learnt on my very first day of vaping, where I burnt the 2 coil heads which came in my Subox kit. Inherently, I also started wrapping coils on my first day.

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  7. sirfoxey

    sirfoxey Senior Member

    Feb 8, 2016
    Stuck a new 0.5 coil in my CoV defiant tank today.
    Filled it to the top with juice and let it sit while I had dinner, went to vape on it and you could see the coil had sucked a little juice up just enough to see the tank wasn't completely full. Set the wattage to 20w and took a puff on it, took a 2nd puff and watched the air bubbles through the wick. Upped the wattage to 30W and took another puff. Waited a minute or so and took another puff on it. Took a swig of beer and looked at the tank, could see the juice had dropped a little. Waited another 2 minutes and took another puff, upped the wattage to 40w and took another puff. Looked at the tank 2 minutes later and it was only a 1/4 full. The wick had really sucked up a lot of juice as combined I had only had 6 puffs on the tank at low wattage. Set the wattage to 45 and took a long puff, minute later two another long puff on the tank and let it sit for a minute or so and the tank was only half full.
    Combined after 8 puffs bedding in the new wick it had sucked up half a tank of juice. I turned the tank upside down and you could clearly see in the coil holes just how wet and saturated the wick was. I am nearly through the tank now and have upped it to 60w the sweet spot for me on this tank and coil and now have a perfectly seasoned coil.
    Hopefully @Tirryn you have got your coil stuff sorted now, but as you can see by my experience just how much a wick can hold in juice once seasoned well and why a unseasoned coil can burn the cotton so easily when new due to the cotton just not being able to hold enough juice even if it looks wet on the outside.
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